10 Reasons to List Your Home This Month

October 2, 2017

Is selling your property the furthest thing from your mind? Well, here are
some reasons for listing your property that you might not have considered.
1. Your property may be worth more than you think. (It’s difficult to
determine market value on your own. I can calculate it for you. Give
me a call.)
2. You might qualify for a better home than you anticipate.
3. Perhaps you are tired of your current property and want a change.
4. There may be homes on the market in a neighborhood in which
you’ve always wanted to live.
5. Your current property may no longer meet your needs.
6. Your neighborhood may have changed in ways you don’t like.
7. You might be ready to downsize or upsize and you no longer want to
put that off.
8. You may want to sell in the fall, so you can have a fresh start in a
new home in the new year.
9. Depending on the type of home you’re considering, you could end up
with lower mortgage payments or no mortgage at all.
10.You might want to move to a home that’s more conveniently
located near work, family, and hobbies.
Of course, you may have your own reasons for listing this month. Why not
discuss them with a real estate expert? Me. I can answer your questions
and explain the options available to you.